General Inquiry

For all your customer service needs and questions, please email and our representative will get back to you immediately.

Affiliation / Partnership

WIBWS is looking forward to working with strategic partners and affiliates who are aligned with our work of supporting current and aspiring women entrepreneurs. If you are inspired by the work we are doing and would like to promote us to your network, we are excited to have you as our affiliate. Please visit for more information. If you need further assistance, please email or or

Sponsorship Opportunities

We are interested in long term relationships with our partnersand sponsors. We will do everything possible to accommodate your needs. Please contact

Interested In Becoming WIBWS Speaker/Presenter

WIBWS are looking for Expert Presenters and Strategic Partners who are not only leaders in their area of expertise, excel in getting their message across, and provide quality content; we are looking for Expert Presenters and Strategic Partners who are truly passionate about helping others succeed and add value to the lives of these entrepreneurs. We are looking for individuals who:
  • Have high credibility in their field
  • Give back strongly to others in that field;
  • Have a reputation for integrity;
  • Are known for advanced collaboration skills;
  • Are conscious that we are all one;
  • Are passionate about conscious sustainability;
  • Are generous and live with purpose and passion;
  • Understands that a deal is a good deal when it is good for all concerned, including Earth

If what you read above resonates with you and your heart, we, at WIBWS,would love to speak to you and to explore the possibility of having you speak at our summit or future summits. Please email    


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