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How Do We Center Ourselves In Times Of Chaos And Cyber-Time?
Monday, February 17th 10:00 (EDT)

Janice Stieber Rous - Founder of Body Dialogue


This presentation is a series of practical tools to help us drop into our bodies daily so we can be balanced and resilient during these very stressful days of high performance. The focus is on Breath and stability

  • working with one's breath
  • identifying one's emotions
  • learning what is the column of support
  • learning how to create stability and a foundation
  • strengthening the witness / observer of one s experience


Janice Stieber Rous has been dancing since she was five and attended the Martha Graham School until the age of 21. She then graduated from the American Center of the Alexander Technique in 1981 and has been teaching classes in Stough Breathing Coordination, Yoga and the Alexander Technique in New York City, Israel and Europe ever since. She is a Sarah Lawrence College graduate and has a master's degree from Bank St. College in museum leadership and administration.

Janice created Body Dialogue because she was in search of a practice to integrate all of her different studies, thereby effectively combining Alexander Technique, breathing and yoga. She also partners with Polly Howells and Jean Esther annually to host a women's retreat based in the practice of Body Soul Rhythms Leadership Program, a program Janice graduated from in 2003. Her dedication to empowerment and growth is reflected not only in her teaching, but also her mentoring students and teachers at Shine On Yoga, where she is currently on the faculty.

How Powerful People Recognize Each Other (How to Recognize the Highest and Best in Every Person and Self)
Monday, February 17th 13:00 (EDT)

Robert Panté - Winner of Image Counsel International's Award of Excellence


Robert is going walk you through:

  • How Image Builds Business
  • 3 most attractive, alluring and powerful looks for women
  • Learn the way you treat people and how they respond to you


Robert won the Image Counsel International's Award of Excellence. He has conducted over 2000 keynotes, seminars and workshops. He has appeared numerous occasions on Oprah, Good Morning America, AM Australia, and was featured in Cosmopolitan and Success magazine.

Recognized as one of the leading image consultants for corporate personnel, Robert has traveled the globe inspiring, informing, and entertaining hundreds of thousands of people in the art and science of presenting themselves within their professional and personal environments. Considered an "image intuit", Robert has an uncanny ability to spot the best and worst in a person almost immediately, and offer concise and caring guidance that not only transforms the way they look, speak and think, but also the way they live!

Culture Is The Key To Sustainable Success!
Monday, February 17th 19:00 (EDT)

Debbie Robins, M.A. - World Class Executive Coach, Author


Innovation is now the key to sustainable global success. The pathway to innovate is solely determined by your business culture. Leaders that choose to create caring, connected and conscious cultures that lay down the psychological conditions needed to have the next great idea, solve complex problems rapidly and recover quickly when unanticipated market conditions rock your boat, are the winners in the 21st century. Everyone else will ultimately lose.

The paradigm shift from the Industrial Age to the Age of The Knowledge Worker and what this means for 21st century business leaders.

  • Why innovation is now the singular driver for business success
  • The psychological conditions required for human beings to innovate
  • Why "culture" is now king, or queen!
  • How to build a culture built on the model referred to as a "virtuous circle."


Debbie Robins is a highly respected executive, leadership and culture expert with deep roots in the entertainment industry. She has over 20,000 hours in her field (mastery is achieved after 10,000 hours) and enjoys global recognition by her piers. In 2009 Debbie was named one of the top executive and leadership coaches in the country by Marshall Goldsmith, considered the #1 thought leader in leadership training.

Yes, My Fifth Book Is Called "Believe It! Become It! How To Hurdle Barriers And Excel Like Never Before".
Tuesday, February 18th 10:00 (EDT)

Paula Fellingham - Founder and CEO of The Women's Information Network (WIN)


In this book I teach you how to:

  • Believe in yourself and in your gifts and talents
  • Take total control of your thoughts, words and actions
  • Release yourself from damaging beliefs of the past
  • Overcome every obstacle in your life
  • Build personal power and never be offended again
  • Radiate joy and confidence to everyone you meet
  • Set high, achievable goals and exceed every one
  • Imagine your ideal self as you become that person
  • And more.....

Helping women create their own joy and confidence, from the inside out (using their agency/choice) is something I've done for years.


Founder of the non-profit organization Solutions For Families, Inc. Founder of Women Celebrating Life, Inc., Families Now, Inc. and Unlimited Living International, Inc. Former member: National Board of Directors Worldwide Organization for Women; State Board of American Mothers, Inc. Paula chaired the Committee for the "Call From The Families Of The World" in conjunction with the World Congress on Families Conference, Switzerland.

Using Referrals To Monetize Your Business - What's Your Script?
Tuesday, February 18th 13:00 (EDT)

Jill Lublin - 3 Time Best Selling Author, Publicity and Networking Expert, International Speaker


Jill Lublin is the expert on turning contacts into flourishing business relationships. No matter what your personality, Jill shows you how to connect with folks you know and those you haven't met yet by plugging into your 3 biggest "connectability" factors. Her expert tricks on how to get noticed through referrals and networking are genius but simple enough to be usable from the very moment Jill's presentation ends.


Jill Lublin is the 3 Time Bestselling Author of "Guerrilla Publicity", "Get Noticed…Get Referrals", and "Networking Magic". An international speaker with more than 200 speaking engagements each year, Jill Lublin is an audience favorite for her lively and interactive keynote speeches, seminars, and special programs. Her unparalleled knowledge of publicity and networking has gotten the attention of ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune Small Business and a long list of media outlets worldwide. Having shared the stage with Tony Robbins, Richard Simmons, and Jack Canfield, when Jill isn't travelling the word wowing audiences, she hosts her own television show, "Messages of Hope."

How My Latina Values Supported Me in Growing My Legacy
Tuesday, February 18th 19:00 (EDT)

DC Cordova - CEO of Excellerated Business Schools® and Money & You®


Work hard and be honest in your journey to build financial prosperity

  • Be on the same page with your business associates, clients and relationships and make your life much easier
  • Have clear rules of the game
  • Honour your parents and your teachers and relish in the transparency and loyalty that will inspire others and represent you as a better leader
  • Take care of mother earth and reap the benefits of good health and good business


Money & You® Program is a global organization with over 100,000 graduates from all over the world, especially the Asia Pacific and North American regions. The programs are taught in English and Chinese – soon expanding to Spanish and other languages. Many of today's wealth/business leaders have attended Money & You® and transformed the way they teach and run their organizations. Through these graduates, Dame Cordova's work has touched the lives of millions all over the world. Her work is a significant contribution to planetary transformation, because the Excellerated Business Schools and Money & You have activated, inspired and motivated so many successful socially-responsible entrepreneurs to take action on behalf of humanity and Earth's resources.

Everyone Is In Sales
Wednesday, February 19th 16:00 (EDT)

Michelle Patterson - President and CEO of Women Network LLC


No matter what role you have with your company, everyone is doing sales at one level or another. Michelle shares her experience in being a top recruiter for Robert Half and her experience with the California Women's Conference


Michelle Patterson's name conjures up many credits – visionary, author, acceleration executive, founder, passionate, talk show host and dynamic speaker. She is a woman of many dimensions. Today, Michelle Patterson is Executive Director of the Women Network Foundation, a 501(c) (3) public charity that serves to provide support, leadership and advocacy for women's initiatives around the globe. The charity, which started almost ten years ago as a local festival supporting 22 charities, has grown into a global movement for women..

Inspiring Change Through Documentaries
Wednesday, February 19th 19:00 (EDT)

Emmanuel Itier - Director of Femme: Women Healing the World


Dr. Annie Lim will interview Emmanuel Itier, Director of Femme: Women Healing the World. The interview will focus on how documentaries can be used as a change agent to inspire a global movement and how it relates to your business.


Emmanuel Itier

An experienced feature film Producer, Emmanuel Itier directed the thriller "Tell me no Lies" (2000) and the horror film "Scarecrow" (2002). He just completed the Peace documentary "The Invocation" narrated by Sharon Stone and with Desmond Tutu, HH The Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra and many others worldwide peace activists.

Emmanuel also produced the films "Wildflower" (1999) and "Scarecrow Slayers" (2003) among other pictures. He also acted as a co-producer and financing consultant: "Johnny Mnemonic", "Another 9 1/2 weeks", "Shattered Image" (1998), "The Dentist" (1996), and "Progeny" (1999). Emmanuel Itier has also been a successful Music and Film journalist for both Rock Magazines, French TV networks and the internet for the last twenty years. Finally Itier has been a buyer for various French Film distribution companies for the last fifteen years. He was on the board of directors of the Santa Barbara Film Festival for a decade and writes poetry. He is also very involved with charities and the political world. He grew up in France and moved in the US twenty five years ago. He resides in Santa Barbara, California with his wife and two sons.

The Mountain And Your Mind In Relation To Your Business
Thursday, February 20th 09:00 (EDT)

Pat Anderson - Founder, Skyborne Motivation


Here are some takeaways(pointers) that my listeners get to enjoy:

  • Learn to hold onto focus
  • Have absolute clarity on where you are going, what it is that you want to achieve.
  • This experience is not, and WILL not simply be a bed of roses.
  • You'll learn that its really about WHO you need to become.
  • Be prepared to change, and to grow within yourself..


With over 25 years experience in various avenues of sales, and more than 20 years as a toastmaster, Pat Anderson is an Internationally Certified Public Speaking Coach and Presentation Skills Trainer focussing on empowering people to better themselves, improve their self esteem, and enable them to grow and flourish over time by improving their skills in presenting to an audience.

Sharing Your Vision With The World: The Role Of Media In Your Business
Thursday, February 20th 16:00 (EDT)

Dr. Letitia S. Wright - Host of the Wright Place™ TV Show


Key Points you will learn from this presentation
  • Learn Why Media is essential to your success
  • Understand How to get on TV, Radio, and covered in Blogs
  • Learn Why Mastering Google Hangouts will be Essential to growing your business in 2014
  • What is Media Training and Why even the BEST speakers need it


Dr. Letitia S. Wright, D.C, is a celebrity, international speaker, talk show host, author, director and movie producer. As the host of the Wright Place™ TV Show, now in it's 14th season with over 362 shows previously broadcast on television to over 6.5 million homes each week in Southern California on Direct TV Channel 64.Now seen nationally on DISH ON DEMAND network in 60 million homes, The Wright Place TV Show continues to provide resources for Entrepreneurs. Dr. Wright also directs infomercials for some of the hottest products on TV today. Dr. Wright has spoken to crowds as large as 3,600!

The Quick Connection
Friday, February 21st 13:00 (EDT)

Bonnie Ross-Parker - Founder, Xperience Connections


In this session you will learn how to :

  • Differentiate
  • Be Memorable
  • Make A Difference – Implement specific strategies that will significantly increase your effectiveness and results in all networking situations.

It's a competitive marketplace. Anything you can do to step up and be noticed will place you at a distinct advantage. You'll be exposed to simple ways that stepping up your game will improve your results!


Bonnie is the author of "Walk In My Boots" ~ The Joy of Connecting, Y.O.U. Set A High Standard for Being Human and 42 Rules for Effective Connections. In 2002, Bonnie licensed The Joy of Connecting™ gatherings for women. Bonnie received numerous awards for her leadership and entrepreneurship. In 2010, Career Magazine (California) featured Bonnie as their cover story "Branding Your Vision" and on May 2011, OSBO, Organization Supporting Business Owners recognized Bonnie for her Entrepreneurship.

Breaking Through Barriers And Seizing Opportunity
Friday, February 21st 16:00 (EDT)

Sharon Lechter - Founder and CEO, Pay Your Family First


  • Training your brain for success
  • Identifying your Stop Doing list
  • Winning through association
  • Finding your personal success equation
  • Shedding negativity and giving yourself permission to succeed


In 1997 Sharon co-authored the international bestseller Rich Dad Poor Dad, along with 14 other books in the Rich Dad series. Over 10 years as CEO she led the Rich Dad Company and brand into an international powerhouse. In 2008 she was asked by the Napoleon Hill Foundation to help re-energize the powerful teachings of Napoleon Hill just as the international economy was faltering. Her bestselling books, Think and Grow Rich-Three Feet from Gold and Outwitting the Devil were both written in cooperation with the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Sharon's most recent book project is Save Wisely, Spend Happily, in cooperation with the American Institute of CPAs. Current projects in development with Napoleon Hill Foundation include Think and Grown Rich For Women and Think and Grow Rich for Kids.

Unleash The Power Of Your Feminine Leadership
Friday, February 21st 19:00 (EDT)

Kris Steinnes - Founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference


How can we help others attain their feminine power? How can we promote the feminine wisdom to help heal the planet? How can we be leaders and be visible for others to see us, so our young women grow up knowing women are powerful leaders?

It's time women unleash their power within them to change the world to one we want to live in. As we claim our feminine wisdom, our instinctual and unique gifts, we will unleash our powerful voices out onto the playing field that we're now living in. And we will co-create the world, as we desire it to be - a place of harmony, peace and love, where all people, men, women and children are honored and respected. Women are the one's to do it in this era so it is up to us now to step into our leadership, our power, and create our circles of influence!

Take aways:

  • Awareness of how we've defined ourselves as women through the masculine/patriarchy lens.
  • Recognizing our feminine archetypes and leadership styles
  • The importance of sharing our stories
  • Current factors that call for a softer and feminine leadership style needed now
  • Internal voices that stop women from owning the value of their feminine gifts
  • How to release our energetic blocks towards accepting ourselves as a leader


Kris Steinnes is the visionary founder of the Women of Wisdom Conference, which celebrated its 22nd year in 2014. Kris began her spiritual journey in 1990 when she declared her mission to bring people together. In 1993 after reading the Feminine Face of God, that mission was revealed to her in a vision to create a conference to bring women spiritual leaders to Seattle, which quickly evolved into creating community for women. In 1998 she founded the non-profit organization, Women of Wisdom Foundation, and has followed her passion to empower women to find their voices and share their stories and gifts with each other and the world.

Presence And You
Monday, February 24th 10:00 (EDT)

Jennifer Cohen - Co-Founder of Seven Stones Leadership Group


Great leading begins with you. Not what you know or how smart you are but the Human BEING who is at the center. That being, that presence can and does move people, can and does communicate to people all kinds of information, most of it undistinguished but still palpable.

Key Points you will learn from this presentation

  • You can shift your presence, cultivate your presence, and see how your presence impacts others.
  • An important and often under recognized asset, your presence is something that you can exercise in the service of great leading.
  • Exert influence with so much less effort, provide direction with ease and openness and invite people to join you just by BEING you.


Jennifer Cohen is a leadership and organizational coach and consultant with 20 years in the field coaching hundreds of individuals and groups. Jennifer's fresh approach is informed by communication theories ranging from quantum physics and philosophy to neuroscience and Somatics. She loves working with social entrepreneurs, visionary thinkers, and leaders who know they must develop the capacity to shift with this quickly changing landscape.

Making Your Business Your Fullest Expression Of Joy
Monday, February 24th 13:00 (EDT)

Susan Davis - President of Capital Mission; Founder of KINS Innovation


Susan will help you assess how to design your entrepreneurial role and your company offering around what you love to do and do well. Using her experiences in key roles in launching 5 different socially responsible companies, she will help you manifest your life purpose while supporting your family through a company with social purpose.


Susan is a visionary creator of an innovation method that has produced extraordinary results for the world's people in a wide variety of sectors over the last 4 decades. Her "KINS Innovation Networks" have manifested exceptional results in social investing, solar, micro-enterprise, the economic empowerment of women, and sustainability (see KINSinnovation.org).

Being At Cause For Your Future
Monday, February 24th 16:00 (EDT)

Kerry Zurier - CFO, Senior Program Leader at Accomplishment Coaching


Are you designing, creating and living the life of your dreams? Is your business based on who you are and what you desire versus what you think will work? Are you, in any way, at the effect of your past? Time? Money? Circumstances? This conversation will focus on creating a higher level of Creation and Generation toward your success and give you tools and distinctions to carry your dreams forward. Specifics include: being responsible for both the journey and the destination; acknowledging where you may be victim to your past; being bold in creating support structures for business and life.


Kerry Zurier, Master Certified Coach, is an extraordinary coach, trainer and leader. Kerry's love of coaching stems from her vast experience facilitating Executive Training programs in leadership, management, and business development for thousands of individuals, groups, and businesses in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Malaysia. In addition to coaching individual clients, Kerry is one of three lead instructors for the Excellerated Business School's Money and You program, as well as heading their Instructors Training Program both in the United States and abroad. Based on a business that grew a $25,000 investment into a $60 million business in less than 3 years, this program encompasses the generalized principles of Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller.

Career Transition - Start The Shift From Where You Are To Where You Want To Go!
Monday, February 24th 19:00 (EDT)

Deborah Shane - Award Winning Career Transition Author and Consultant


  • What you need to have in place before making the shift (setting yourself up for success before the transition)
  • How to utilize social media to find promising leads, strategic partners and viable networks and have them in place prior to your transition.
  • Your Leap With Faith! What you need to know about starting anew.
Before making a shift, you have to have a strategy and blueprint with all the pieces in place and steps you need to take are in the right place. This session will cover how to set yourself up for success before starting your new career or job search.
The questions we will address are:
  1. How can I know this transition and career is right for me?
  2. What do I need to have in place before I make the leap in order to optimize my results right from the start?
  3. In what ways can I optimize my strengths and skills and minimize my weaknesses?
  4. Using social media and content marketing to self promote and build your brand reach.
Overall discussion about:
  • Potential opportunities and pitfalls to know about before getting out there.
  • Tools to prep yourself and set yourself AND your new career choice up for success.
  • How to decide whether or not this is the right path for you and feel CONFIDENT about your choice.


Deborah was named a Top 100 Small Business Champion in 2012 and a Top 100 Small Business Podcast in 2013 by SmallBizTrends.com.She is an award winning Career Transition Author and consultant, professional branding catalyst, social media content marketing strategist, writer and speaker.

  • Top Twenty Women To Follow on Twitter 2013
  • Top 300 out of 15K Featured Hosts on BlogTalkRadio 2013
  • Top 30 Small Biz Champion to Follow on Twitter by SmallBizLady/ Huffington Post
  • Top 100 Podcast for Small Business 2013 by SmallBizTrends.com
  • Small Business Book Award 2013-Career Transition-Classics Category by SmallBizTrends.com
  • Top 100 Small Business Champion 2012 by SmallBizTrends.com
  • LinkedIn Allstar 2011 to present
  • Constant Contact Email Marketing All Star 2010, 2011, 2012

Love Over Lunch: How A 24 Year Old Revolutionized The Traditional Business Of Matchmaking
Monday, February 24th 21:00 (EDT)

Violet Lim - Co-Founder of Lunch Actually & Eteract.com


  • How to Deal with Fears and Uncertainties when Embarking onto the Journey of Entrepreneurship
  • 5 Key Factors When It Comes To Building a Successful Business
  • 3 Most Important Lessons Learnt in the Last 10 Years of Entrepreneurship
  • How to Navigate the Business Landscape in Asia.


Violet and her husband, Jamie, founded the premier modern dating company, Lunch Actually, in Singapore, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur & Penang) and Hong Kong. She has appeared in over 1000 articles, television and radio appearances as well as the Singapore's National Day Video in 2005 where she was featured as one of Singapore's most aspiring people. At the worldwide Matchmakers conference held in New York by the Matchmaking Institute in 2009, Violet was a panelist where she shared with 80 fellow matchmakers around the world about Business Models and Expansion Strategies and Matchmaking in Foreign Markets. Currently, she is the Executive Director and the Principal Trainer of Matchmaking Institute (South East Asia) where she trains matchmakers and aspiring matchmakers from all around Asia.

How To Use A Search Firm To Get The Talent You Need To Grow Your Business
Tuesday, February 25th 10:00 (EDT)

Karen B. Greenbaum - Partner, Pierce Consulting Partners (High-End Executive Search Firm)


You will get an overall understanding of the different types of search firms (contingency, retained) and the pros and cons of each. You will also get practical suggestions for selection the right retained search firm "partner" to help you grow your business.

  1. Contingency versus retained – what is the difference?
  2. How to get comfortable with the fee structure?
  3. How to select the right firm for your needs
    • Communication between you and your candidates
    • The process the recruiter will use
    • Checking for conflicts that may preclude you getting the best talent
    • Pros and Cons of hiring a firm with deep industry expertise
  4. Managing the relationship to ensure results

Having worked for one of the largest HR consulting firms in the world, Mercer, and now serving as a partner at a boutique retained executive search firm, Karen Greenbaum, has sat at both sides of the table. This session will be particularly helpful to those who need to make the right strategic hires to grow their business. It can also be helpful for those who are beginning to think about their next career.


Karen B. Greenbaum is an experienced global business leader having served as the President and COO, responsible for the $1 billion US business of Mercer Consulting /MMC, a Fortune 200 company, and later as COO for Nixon Peabody LLP, a nearly $500 million global 100 law firm.

Superstar Sales System
Tuesday, February 25th 13:00 (EDT)

Clinton Swaine - Founder, Frontier Trainings


How to create a proven sales system that will generate a regular flow of leads, allow you to close more sales and gain more referrals than ever before.

  • The importance of selecting the right niche to market to
  • How to the perfect sales wedge to maximise your sales
  • How to use trial closes effectively to dramatically increase sales
  • 5 Powerful and Proven closing techniques to close more sales
  • 3 places where sales are currently slipping through your system


Clinton Swaine is the founder, owner and lead trainer of Frontier Trainings – The World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings.

Along with running and operating his own training company for the past 9 years, he has taught on many of the top stages around the globe with world renowned speakers, including: T. Harv Eker, Brian Tracy, Bob Allen, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others. He has expanded his global reach by teaching in places such as: The United Kingdom, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Egypt, Costa Rica and Portugal. Over his time with Frontier Trainings, he has created the largest curriculum of experiential content in the industry. He has created over 200 unique games, exercises and processes which teach a vast range of business, personal development and speaking skills.

Your Role In Ethical Advertising: The EthicMark® Awards
Tuesday, February 25th 16:00 (EDT)

Rosalinda Sanquiche - Exec. Director, Ethical Markets Media, LLC.


Many of us have a negative opinion of advertising. Fortunately, however limited, there are advertising campaigns which uplift the human spirit and society, and the EthicMark® Awards find and honor positive advertising. Attendees will:

  • Learn the criteria for the EthicMark® Awards
  • See examples of ethical advertising from profit and non-profit sources
  • Be invited to participate by nominating their favorite campaigns


Rosalinda Sanquiche is executive director of Ethical Markets Media, LLC. She began her environmental career with the American Wind Energy Association in Washington, DC, in research and communications. She has written on the construction industry for Builder/Architect and on the environment, sustainability and media, topics on which she regularly presents..

Winning In Business In A Man's World (Interview Session By WIBWS)
Wednesday, February 26th 01:00 (EDT)

Wendy Tan - CEO of Globe Engineering


Wendy will answer the following 3 interview questions:

  • What are the key insights you'd like to share with women facing the challenge of a male-dominant environment?
  • What were the major challenges you faced and how did you overcome it?
  • Did anything shift for you in your style of leading over the years - what worked and what didn't?


Dame Wendy Tan's life has had all the elements of a modern day fairytale success story – a trying start, less-than-supportive parents, a handful of kind souls plus a life-changing experience during the Asian Financial Crisis. She's a demonstration of tenacity of the human spirit to achieve the "impossible" in whatever she sets her heart to achieve – delivered her first son at the age of 54, having to prove her mettle in a "man's world" building a successful business as one of the top Fire Protection and Plumbing Contracting Specialist in Malaysia – as the CEO of Globe Engineering, and two other subsidiaries Globe Express Services and Globe M&E Services. Her passion in nurturing people and lifelong learning inspired her to establish a learning arm in her business that gives individuals access to world-class entrepreneurial education to empower their life. She has been instrumental in creating supportive environments in her business for talent development and opportunities for retirees to continue to contribute to society.

Corporate Responsibility/Crisis And Issues Management/Corporate Reputation
Wednesday, February 26th 13:00 (EDT)

Harriet Mouchly-Weiss, Founder and Managing Partner of Strategy XXI


I will share with the group a combination of my experiences, strategies and tactics that have proven to result in effective solutions for my clients. I will explain the importance of developing a diverse network of journalists, government officials, regulatory authorities, activists, academics and business leaders. For these very personal relationships will enable you to obtain immediate access to key people and ultimately contribute to success in helping your clients.

I will additionally focus on cases that will provide a clearer understanding of the complex skill set that is required in crisis and issue management. I will tell stories to drive home the importance of preserving your corporate reputation at all times. I will also share with the group how the wisdom of my experience has prompted me to create a new tool, ReputationRiskMap, that will enable companies and boards to manage their reputations more effectively and hopefully, pre-empt a major crisis.

Most importantly, I will share my personal professional journey, which has been one where I have always been true to my values and effectively addressed significant issues on behalf of my clients.

  • You should always be passionate about your work.
  • Incorporate your beliefs and values into the fabric of your career.
  • Always have a strong sense of social responsibility when considering business problems.
  • Be relentless in the pursuit of effective solutions for your client.
  • Never rest, until you achieve results.


Ms. Mouchly-Weiss, Managing Partner of Strategy XXI, has received industry–wide recognition for her work in the communications field for over 30 years. Her experience in crisis and issues management has established her as a key advisor to heads of government and CEO's of Fortune 500 companies. Harriet has been working with China for the last 10 years as an advisor to multi-national companies. She is a bold thinker and astute strategist, who recently created ReputationRiskMap, a global dashboard that provides near real-time insight to companies in areas where they are particularly vulnerable. Her communications programs include a social responsibility component..

7 Deadly Reasons Social Media Is Not Working For You
Wednesday, February 26th 16:00 (EDT)

Lisa Larter - CEO, Lisa Larter Consulting


Do you love social media, but you really hate selling? Do you feel like true success in building your business eludes you when it comes to the hours and hours you spend surfing on Facebook, Pinterest and all those other social networks?

Do you see other people growing their business and building up their platform and think something is wrong with you and all you are doing?

Don't despair. Social media is CONSTANTLY changing and most marketers would like you to think you have to be an expert to make it work for you. That is a big fat lie. It is easier than you think to expand your audience, build relationships and drive traffic to your business.

In this talk I will cover the 7 deadliest mistakes people make when it comes to using social media so you can start to become more aware of what not to do when it comes to social marketing. You will walk away honed in on what you should be focusing on in order to get results.

I will show you some classic examples of Social done well, and social gone wrong so you become savvy at seeing how YOU can do it to represent you and your business the right way.

You will walk away with the following:

  • A Social Media Stop Doing List
  • Three social stimulators to help you get more traction
  • More confidence around where and how you spend your time.


Lisa Larter is a high school drop out who climbed the corporate ladder to lead a 100M dollar sales team in the Wireless Retail industry until 2006 when her entrepreneurial spirit took over and she became a self taught business guru and social media expert.

Lisa opened her own bricks and mortar wireless store in 2006, surpassed the million dollar sales mark after one year, and soon after started advising other businesses on how to connect with their customers through social media so they could build relationships, share content, drive traffic and increase sales.

Conscious Capitalism And The Quest For Peace
Thursday, February 27th 10:00 (EDT)

Michele Bongiovanni - Founder / CEO of HealRWorld


I will address the definition of conscious capitalism and why it's important in driving the changes for peace that we all want.

  • What is the definition of "Conscious Capitalism"?
  • How does the practice of conscious capitalism serve individuals and stakeholders and the betterment of our world?
  • What are some real world examples of Conscious Capitalism in practice? What are some learnings there?
  • How can we create "peace" and peaceful environments through the practice of Conscious Capitalism?
  • HealRWorld...a new economically viable model for driving social and environmental change...and oneness.


Michele Bongiovanni is the Founder and CEO of HealRWorld, a socially conscious, for profit company uniting sustainable businesses and consumers around "conscious capitalism" for the betterment of our world.

Essence Of Abundance And Your Bubbletalk For Money
Thursday, February 27th 13:00 (EDT)

Burge Smith-Lyons - President and CEO of Essence of Being, Inc.


Join me in this jam packed interactive journey and take a look at your conscious and unconscious choices you are making to create what you have in your life. Discover your personal power through mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional balance.

I help you see your blocks around obtaining prosperity and more abundance and give you the tools to shift your beliefs around money. You will identify your "BubbleTalk" (the subconscious thoughts that keep you from getting what you want) around money, wealth, and abundance.

Do you want a product offering for the pre summit as well? I can give a download of my CD of affirmations for prosperity.


Burge is a motivational speaker, author, facilitator, and trainer who specializes in helping people identify what she calls "Bubble Talk" — subconscious negative self-talk that blocks them from achieving what they want in life. The programs employ a wide range of therapeutic, experiential and communication-building methods, with a focus on Super Learning — holistic techniques that accelerate learning by stimulating both the left and right brain. Burge is chairman and founder of The Healing Forest Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that uses experiential learning to help children cope with physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

The Bliss-Happiness Solution
Thursday, February 27th 16:00 (EDT)

Amanda Willett - The SHINE Factor Success Coach


  • Are you lacking the clarity you need in your life to be able to accomplish the goals and dreams you hold for yourself?
  • Are you struggling to find a sense of peace, balance, wellbeing and happiness?
  • Isn't it time to leave indecision, procrastination and overwhelm at the door?
  • To SHINE you have to dare to be even more of who you really are!

On my journey I have been lucky to meet many different people over the course of my life. Women who inspire me with their unique brilliance who continually propel their lives (personally and professionally), while other equally talented women make choices that set them up for repeated drama and dysfunction. I've seen beautiful, remarkable women act like insecure, little girls, while other gifted, soul-satisfying women can be observed giving up on their dreams, expecting nothing or no one to believe in them because they feel selfish or unworthy.

If you're like most people chances are you've let your roles, responsibilities and the need to feel safe weigh you down. You're most likely playing by the rules, the rules someone else has written, you know the ones society dictate as what's normal and what's deemed to be right. Perhaps you've settled into a job you don't love, relationships that rob you of your being your best self, and habits and limiting beliefs that hold you back?

My personal journey has led me to experience all of these circumstances, while each comes with its own challenges they all require the need to revisit our purpose and truth of why we are here.

During this webinar you will learn; The straightforward but profound shifts I made in the past few years to; turn my chaotic, stressful, unbalanced life - into one that has allowed me to step fully into my true power giving me the freedom, time, resources and gift to be who I really am and do what I really love. On this call, I will reveal;
  • The 3 gifts that made it all possible.
  • The 3 things that pivoted my world of struggle into a world of purpose.
  • The 3 principles that I used — and still use every single day — to live a life beyond what I could have imagined.

I'm going to gift you my "Bliss Blueprint for Success Workbook."Were going to walk through and jam about the 3 step process for activating your vision now and I'll share proven strategies that will help you create a plan and take action.You're going to learn; how to transcend the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from enjoying the rich life you deserve.


Known as the SHINE Factor Success Coach, Amanda has supported and presented to woman's groups, corporations and non­profits such as; POWE, Amazing Woman's Day, Defeyneurs, The YWCA, United Way, Up with Women, WIN, The Dove Campaign for Real Beauty and Dress for Success.

Cutting-Edge Marketing
Thursday, February 27th 19:00 (EDT)

Dr. Serge Gravelle - World Class Instructor, Coach & Author


Marketing is a key element of every successful entity, and individual. While companies must market themselves to remain competitive, people must also market themselves to find success and happiness. Cutting-edge Marketing covers the importance of understanding brain plasticity in our daily lives from a business and a personal point of view. What makes people tick? Why do consumers love and keep buying a certain product? Why do some people like you and others don't? This session covers the basic understanding of how the brain works, what makes people like or dislike anything, and how to apply this knowledge to marketing products and services on a small or a big scale.

5 Key Points that the attendees will learn from your presentation

  • How the brain works when it comes to marketing
  • How to make people like you and/or your company
  • What to say and do to get results?
  • Key elements to make your advertising stick
  • Major mistakes to avoid in your marketing campaign


Dr. Serge Gravelle has been semi-retired for several years but remains very active. He is a true maverick in the areas of marketing, product &service development, problem-solving, business structure and personal wealth accumulation.

He is an international marketing& business development coach, a renowned developer of complex e-commerce web platforms, a guide in personal growth as well as a life mentor to many.

Women Capital Connections
Friday, February 28th 13:00 (EDT)

Amy Millman - President, Springboard Enterprises


This session, with the help of some empirical examples, will give an overview of the different types of capital available to entrepreneurs and provide some guiding principles to help you determine what type of capital is right for your business.

Session Benefit:

  • The different ways to fund the launch and growth of a business.
  • The difference between Equity and Debt financing.
  • Is Equity or Debt financing right for my business?
  • How do I find investors for my business?
  • Tips for how to "speak investor."


Amy Millman is a passionate advocate for women entrepreneurs building Big Businesses Starting Small. In 2000, she co-founded Springboard Enterprises, a non-profit venture catalyst which sources, coaches, showcases and supports women-led companies seeking equity capital for product development and expansion. Springboard has assisted hundreds of women entrepreneurs in raising billions in investments and connecting with thousands of expert resources.The successes of Springboard entrepreneurs include 10 IPOs, legions of high value M&As and a community of accomplished serial entrepreneurs.

The Good News From The Green Transition Scoreboard®
Tuesday, March 4th 10:00 (EDT)

(Re-Scheduled; New Time To Be Announced)

Hazel Henderson - Founder, Ethical Markets Media


With all the negativity bombarding us from mainstream media, Hazel provides a positive perspective on the growing green economy by demonstrating how the green transition is global and reaching well into the mainstream of investors and entrepreneurs. Attendees will:

  • Learn about and be encouraged by the depth of the transition
  • Gain an understanding of the importance of green investments
  • Learn about the kinds of industries propelling the green transition


Hazel Henderson, D.Sc.Hon., FRSA, founder of Ethical Markets Media and the creator and co-executive Producer of its TV series, is a world renowned futurist, evolutionary economist and, along with eight other books, is author of the Axiom and Nautilus award-winning book Ethical Markets: Growing the Green Economy (2006).

Dare To Care – How Will It Change Your Business?
Wednesday, March 5th 13:00 (EDT)

Louis Bohtlingk - Founder, Care First World Ltd


In my book Dare To Care (with a forward of Hazel Henderson) I call us all into a fully heart-intelligence based, Care First approach to money, finance, our economies and culture.

Care First means, we let care (our heart) lead the way in all money matters and make sure that money serves the well being of people and the Earth and is not used at their expense (Money First).

For more info go to www.daretocare.ning.com

We will explore the following topics to assist you to run and build your business for your core, from who you really are and use money constructively in all transactions.
  • Exploring our relationship with money.
  • How to let your heart lead the way in money matters.
  • What a heart based approach does to your business
  • The power of Care First
  • How to build a Care First World together.


LOUIS BÖHTLINGK is a visionary who has worked as a counselor for more than 30 years. With his wife Sandra, he has created multiple platforms addressing the money issues that individuals and companies experience. Böhtlingk is also the creator of the "Meeting the Mystery of Money" workshop, which has been held throughout the U.S., the U.K., and the Netherlands and helps individuals to reorganize their finances and lives with a care-first approach. You can learn more about their work on their website, www.carefirstworld.com.

5 Steps To Find Your Center, Claim Your Power And Bring It Into Every Aspect Of Your Life
Thursday, March 6th 10:00 (EDT)

Jana Titus - Coach and Facilitator


You have no idea how powerful you are. Most women don't – and feel fearful, even guilty, about claiming it. In this seminar you will experience power not as something external, to reach for, but as energy embedded in the center of your being. And you will learn practical, user-friendly practices of self-empowerment that enable you to bring the power of your creativity, passion and direction into every aspect of your life.

  • Centering techniques that connect you to your power source.
  • A clearly defined sense of your true self - your passion and your purpose - from the standpoint of your power.
  • Ways to identify and let go of the habits and thoughts that block your power.
  • Practical, user-friendly practices of centering and focus to bring into your day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.
  • The 4 essentials of self-empowerment, and how to use them to keep your clarity, positivity, focus.


Jana Titus is a Coach and facilitator with over 30 years of experience coaching people in mind/body centering and empowerment, in private practice, groups and workshops, both in the US and Europe. In her work Jana integrates her knowledge of Coaching, Yoga and Dao based mind/body practices, and modern healing modalities into a unique approach to centering, empowerment, and fulfillment.

The Road To Riches Is Paved With Opportunities
Thursday, March 6th 13:00 (EDT)

Michelle Anton - Coach and Facilitator


What if you could eavesdrop on my conversation with Annie Lim and hear the backdoor secrets that aren't included in Weekend Entrepreneur? Plus, find out about the hottest money making trends I've stumbled across since writing the book? For a moment, I want you to ignore any preconceived notions you may have about boosting your income or elevating your social media status from unknown to superstar. I'll be spilling the beans about the shortcuts you can take to build your platform, how to start a hot (6 figure) part-time business from your kitchen table. And, if you've written a book or dream of being a bestselling author… you'll want to have a pen and pad handy to jot down notes on how to sell more books in less time and make more money than you ever thought possible. It's time to set your plans in motion for where you'll be in the next six months.

  • Hot Weekend Entrepreneur businesses and trends
  • Real life examples of people who launched a part-time business
  • How to juggle a job with a side business
  • What I did to catapult my Weekend Entrepreneur101, facebook fan page from 17 people to over 600 in less than a month
  • How to sell more books especially important to know and understand if you want a book publisher to give you an advance.


Over the past two decades Michelle Anton has enjoyed a distinguished career as an award winning television producer and is the co-author of Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Earn Extra Cash.

She has produced 20,000 hours of nationally syndicated programming for industry giants such as Dr. Laura, Leeza, Montel Williams and was a freelance associate producer working on T he Oprah Winfrey Show in Chicago. Michelle's creativity and determination led her to work with the best and the brightest in show business. Working with A-List celebrities such as Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Deepak Chopra, Tyra Banks and many more is a testament to her amazing talent.

Sustainable Design (Interview session by WIBWS)
Thursday, March 6th 21:00 (EDT)

Claire Connelly - Creative Director, Papercut. President, Canberra Women in Business.


  • How can we implement sustainability in business practice.
  • Are there advantages in being sustainable in business?
  • Will sustainability influence the future of print?
  • What does the future hold for designers and sustainability?


Claire Connelly is the Creative Director of Papercut. Claire’s motivation for starting her own studio in 2007 was a drive to direct a unique communication service, while also leading Canberra studios in a new era of sustainable graphic design.  

Claire has proven that courage, motivation and a great idea can be the basis of a successful business. From zero clients and a team of only two in 2007, Papercut now reside on Government supplier panels, have won four environmental awards, three business awards and one community spirit award. Claire has grown the business substantially and now boasts a team of four professional designers who dedicate themselves to producing clever, appealing and sustainable design for their clients without compromising the integrity of the design.

Personal Secrets All Great Leaders Know
Friday, March 7th 13:00 (EDT)

Carol Dysart - PeopleSmart Solutions ProfileU.


All women who are business owners have more than one role to play… one is as a manager at a work, but we are also mothers, spouses, friends. There is no way we can put our IDENTITY in a “box” or define it by a singular profile. We all have choices and our thought defines how we use those choices.

However, there are personal secrets that great leaders know (and most people wish they had) so what is the best and easiest way to get the best people, to build a team, and to get the most from your people?

Join us and stay tuned! That is what this session is about!

PS. Carol says that once a few basics are understood and practiced, it's easy to get the best out of anyone. You just have to know where to look!

  1. The Personal (And Personnel) Secrets All Great Leaders Know And Use To Be More People-Literate
  2. Why This System If There Are So Many Other Systems Available?
  3. What Not Having This Information Costs
  4. Why Knowing The Difference Between The Four Styles’ NEEDS, EMOTIONS And FEARS Can Make You A Better Manager.
  5. What It Is About Understanding People’s Default Or Natural Style Patterns That Helps Great Leaders Be… Great?


DISC Behavioral Assessments expert, Carol Dysart, has, for over 34 years, been teaching, consulting and certifying people in how to apply her PeopleSmart Solutions Method™ system to help them understand themselves and others, bringing out their own gifts, and enhancing their people-smart management-skills. Carol knows what makes other people "tick" because she has profiled and debriefed thousands of other people – providing her with insights that she now teaches to others who want to not only be great leaders but compassionate, self-confident individuals.


Creating World Peace Through Business By Igniting Women HeartSoul Entrepreneurship
Friday, March 7th 21:00 (EDT)

Dr. Annie Lim - Founder of WIBWS, Dr. Annie Lim International and the LIFE Children Foundation


My mission is to encourage and support more women entrepreneurs worldwide, and to have them express their purpose, joy and love in the work they do while being who they are innately.

When you teach, guide and support a women entrepreneur, you not only benefit them and their businesses but their communities and their nations.

I want to encourage women entrepreneurs to fully embrace the core of their femininity: HEART & SOUL. I know that, women will, in return, create a profound impact in their living economies through their knowledge, wealth, philanthropic work and compassion.

Men or Women entrepreneurs, when we are being a HeartSoul Entrepreneur, we are opening a gateway to world peace. It's time.


Dr. Annie Lim is a serial entrepreneur; a fun, brilliant and creative individual who lives to serve and touch the lives of others through coaching, training and transformational work. She is the founder of Women In Business World Summit, Dr. Annie Lim International Inc. and the LIFE Children Foundation. She has owned and managed several companies in Malaysia prior to moving to Canada; her success has been featured on Bloomberg Television, and several other mainstream news and media outlets.

The Entrepreneur As Designer Or "Having It Your Own Way"
  Monday, March 10th 13:00 (EDT)

Lynne Katzmann - Founder & President, Juniper Partners, Inc.


  • Putting aside your aversion to change and embrace flexibility.
  • Riding the proverbial roller coaster every day.
  • What does having your own business mean; what will you give or not up.
  • Hard work and payoffs.


Lynne Katzmann, Founder and CEO of Juniper Communities of Bloomfield, NJ, a privately held, long-term care company, has been President and CEO throughout its twenty-five years.

Ranked #12 by Crain's New York Business on its Top 50 listing of women-owned businesses for the New York tri-State area, Juniper is the only women-owned company among the largest 40 US assisted living companies, with revenues currently $65 million.




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